An indictment was prepared against Damla A., who beat the children of his neighbor who loves his dog in Beylikdüzü, demanding a prison sentence of up to 4.5 years.

In an incident that took place on a site in Beylikdüzü on 18 August 2020, 9-year-old Poyraz S. and 6-year-old Çınar K. were battered by the owner of the dog while trying to play with their neighbors’ dog. Damla, mother of 3 children, reflected in the moments of beating the children. An indictment was prepared against Damla A., who claimed that the children threw stones at his dog and did not beat them in his statement taken within the scope of the investigation, demanding a prison sentence of up to 4.5 years for ‘simple injury against a person who cannot defend himself’.


On the other hand, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality distributed 250 huts to different parts of the city for stray animals who have difficulty in finding a place to protect from rain and cold weather especially in winter.

The Veterinary Services Branch Directorate teams of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department are continuing their year-round feeding activities for stray animals in a wider area with the suppression of winter. While the need for shelter and food is vital for street animals, especially on winter days when cold weather is affected, the food needs of animals living in nature are met by the Metropolitan Municipality, as well as the food needs of animals living in nature. Tons of food and wheat are left in certain areas for street animals and birds that have difficulty finding food due to cold weather and snowfall. The shelter problem, which is one of the most important problems of stray animals, is also solved by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Prepared by the Health Affairs Department Veterinary Services Branch Directorate, the clubs are placed in the needed areas with the help of volunteers and animal lovers. The huts that are loaded into the vehicles from the Veterinary Services Branch Directorate in Demirtaş, become a warm home for stray animals in their natural environment. Mehmet Fidan, Head of Health Affairs Department, stated that they are doing all kinds of work necessary for stray animals to have a comfortable life as the Metropolitan Municipality and said, “We distributed 120 tons of food for our stray animals both before and after the pandemic. We also carried out 250 huts, 150 drinkers and 70 large mammoths and feeding activities at 850 separate points. We make every effort to ensure that our dear friends living in Bursa can live comfortably. At this point, I would like to thank our animal lover associations and volunteer citizens who work in coordination with us ”.

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