Beşiktaş Coach Sergen Yalçın spoke after the process of the fight they defeated Sivasspor 3-0.


Saying that they played well, Sergen Yalçın said, “There was a Beşiktaş that stood very solid and played right. We tried to play the game to win today. Our system was correct. Player performances were good. We got a good win. This year ended with this victory. Difficult. Sivasspor is a strong team. They fought well. I wish Rıza Hoca success as well. It was a victory that kept us on target. We seem to be catching our own score rhythm slowly. We continue to stay competitors. Our players are good, the union is good, I am happy with the in-game organization. It was a good win. I hope we continue like this. ” used expressions.

The technical man, who also said that Vida wanted to come to the side in the match, “Vida wanted to change to us in the 20th minute. He came out of the corona, the doctor also said. The doctor said something will happen, we cannot take the plague, let’s take it out. We said let’s wait for the circuit. Then he told us to change from the edge. Human health is hugely important. What is hugely important to us above all else. ” spoke.

(Images taken from beIN Sports)


Sergen Yalçın, who was asked about the crown position to which Sivasspor reacted, The ball may have come out, it may not have come out. They say it is a trace or something. This is just a crown. You cannot connect 90 minutes to a crown He did not come out with a crown. I conceded the same goal in the Antalya match. I called the person. He said it looks like he did but he said something like a trail. He could also be out. I saw it because it came out, but it is not very important. Medium Would it be talked about if there was no goal, no. It’s exaggerated. You can’t tie the whole game to a crown. It’s not what matters greatly to me. Today we played very well in the second half, after 10 people stayed. Friends say 10 people, enthusiasts say such things. We were in control of the game. We will start a tight match traffic next week. We will concentrate on it. 2021 will bring health, happiness and our fans. We want it, our fans. Let it bring the championship. Let everything be fortune. We will live it all. However, I say health first. That’s what matters to a great extent. “ said.

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