Highlights from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech:

– Right at the beginning of my words, once again I condemn Armenia, which attacked Azerbaijani lands yesterday. Turkey will continue to be next to Azerbaijan.

– The so-called Mink 3, USA-Russia-France have not solved this problem for nearly 30 years. They almost did their best not to solve this problem. Now they give advice. From time to time they threaten. What is this threat? Is Turkey here? Are there any Turkish soldiers here? Those who say this are the ones who carried thousands of truck guns there, especially in the north of Syria. Those who say this are those who parceled the north of Syria and established the superiors there. Those who say this are the ones who throw javelin in Syria with the Coalition Forces. Look at this logic, this mind!

– The occupied land is the territory of Azerbaijan. Nearly 1 million people live far from their land. Azerbaijan had to cut off its own belly.

Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean

– It is at the center of the Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas geopolitics. One must underline a fact. Turkey’s interest in the region will be the only energy source to restrict a shallow assessment. Turkey is a Mediterranean country before everything. As before, we are hosts, not guests.

– Preveze Naval Victory is one of the most magnificent symbols of our deep-rooted existence in the Mediterranean. This geography, which has been the cradle of many civilizations throughout the history of humanity, has attained a climate of peace, tranquility and stability that will last for centuries.

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– This period, referred to in the literature as the Ottoman Peace, is also the golden age of the Mediterranean in terms of trade and politics.

– Unfortunately, the Mediterranean started to be remembered for instability, conflicts and the bodies of refugees stranded on the beach in recent years. Those who escalate the tension in the Mediterranean are again representatives of the same mentality.

– Just as we are against imperialist expansionism in the Eastern Mediterranean, we are also against one-sided fait accompli. The Mediterranean is the sea that unites us and strengthens cooperation. It should be and remain that way. With all its countries and peoples, the Mediterranean is the roof and home of our big family.

– We can solve problems not by excluding each other, but by bringing all the actors in the region together at the same table. Turkey and the Mediterranean peace does not come from any equation that take place in a fair manner in the TRNC.

– Everyone should now see and accept that peace will not come to the Mediterranean with artificial projects and ridiculous maps resembling the colonial sharing tables of the 19th century. What? Seville map … Who drew the lines of this map where and how? This is not a difficult task … If we request “Make a map study” with Istanbul and Marmara Universities, we will prepare this map and present it to the world. These are not difficult jobs.

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