According to the information obtained from security sources, it is stated that Armenia made an agreement with the terrorist organization PKK prior to the attacks they carried out against the civilian settlements of Azerbaijan.

Under the agreement reached at the end of July, around 300 PKK / YPG member terrorists were transported to Armenia and Karabakh by buses. Members of the terrorist organization PKK / YPG provide training to Armenian militias in Nagorno-Karabakh. The militia are especially used in attacks against civilians.

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Latest situation on the pitch

Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue to reclaim their occupied territories. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which controlled the hill, took back the villages of Seyid Ahmetli, Karahanbeyli and Kend Horadiz.

Finally, the Azerbaijani army, which hit two more tanks, destroyed nearly 30 armored vehicles. The operation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces continues successfully.

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