Milan’s 39-year-old Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic made his own specific statements in an interview with the BBC.

Returning to Europe and boldly entering the competition again, Ibrahimovic asked the question about retirement from football “I will continue until I cannot do what I am doing now.” Just to stay physically fit. I’m trying and the rest is resolved by itself. ” explained.


Underlining that there is a lot of difference between his first visit to Milan and his second visit, “I came to a club fighting for the championship when I first arrived. Now when I come, we have the goal of bringing the team where it belongs. The two are very different things.” said.

When asked to evaluate Milan’s big break, Ibrahimovic said, “We have an incredibly good form. We are great and we are doing well, but we still haven’t gained anything yet. We continue with that in mind.” spoke.


39-year-old Swede, who always repeats his confessions, “I have a lot of experience. I am not 5 years ago now, I am not 10 years ago. I am very honest when I say I did not run, now I run smarter. Playing a forward in Italy. It is very difficult and very technical. Italy’s philosophy is not to accept the goal rather than to score. used his words.

Now, to the question about the club’s football boss, Milan legend Paolo Maldini, as well as his son playing in the same team, I see that I appeal to different generations. I played with Paolo, now I play with his son Daniel. a miracle happens. ” He ended his explanations by saying .

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