After the Manchester United match, Deniz Türüç showed a good image in the friendly match played by our A National Team with Croatia and made a statement to the Dutch press.

“Playing in the Champions League is a dream come true for me. You dream of this when you were a little kid. Playing in the Turkish National Team was also a dream, and when I hear the Turkish National Anthem, my heart is still pounding. They are a football player. are high goals to achieve. “

“I have played everywhere I have targeted so far and the European Championship is a dream for me. I definitely want to be there. When I left Fenerbahçe, I saw that I was more likely to play in Başakşehir. So I thought I could go to the European Championship. “

“Fenerbahce 18 players has transferred more than once and when I spoke with Okan Buruk gave me confidence. In me he saw one in. Do not forget that I had a chance to play in the rented thought and Champions League champions of Turkey League.”

“After the Manchester United game, Ajax Coach Ten Hag called me and congratulated me on the assist. I have good communication with him, like a father for me. I also talked to Donny van de Beek, he asked me what I think of the match. I wish him good luck too. “

“Manchester United win, enthusiastically greeted in Turkey. He scores very concern for direct participation in the Champions League. After doing earthquake in Izmir in to be able happy to get some of the people were nice. Match earn a very small thing Even though, it is still pleasing to give an extraordinary happiness. The result we got was very important for us. With the energy brought by this result, we won our league match.


“I played 8 matches in 24 days, I play 3 more games in A Milli Tkaım. I will have 11 games in 1 month and this is a very high number. But as a player, this makes me proud, that I am a better player. I played against players like Neymar, Mbappe, Pogba, Modric in these matches. If you are an international player, it is a necessity to play that many matches. Being a champion, going to the Champions League requires this. “

“I want to have a good season, play in the European Championship. Then I will look at my options. I have a contract, I can stay in Fenerbahçe. But I can still be hired, sent. We will see what happens, I want to fight and show myself at least. “

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