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Expressing that they are continuing their preparations for the match they will play with Medipol Başakşehir this week, Palut said, “It is one of the best teams in our league, their on-field organization is good and they have a game plan. It is a serious opponent, it will be a high quality match on Sunday. At the moment, we do not have any missing players, we are working on the full squad.” “We will continue to play on Sunday. After a long time, we will play a match in front of our audience. It will also be my first meeting with an audience. I hope we will make our fans happy with a good fight and result.” Palut stated that Konyaspor does not have a team structure that builds a game on football players, and emphasized that they will have a chance to dominate the opponents as long as they can act together on the field and adhere to the tactical discipline. When asked by a press member about his performance, Palut said, “I’m looking at the game match by match. “We always want better. There are steps that seem positive for Konyaspor and for us. We are in the process of improving this even more. We will further improve it on behalf of the team and ourselves. We are trying to implement a plan and organization in the field.” “We will definitely expect a striker” İlhan Palut said that the transfer work continues and said: “We will definitely expect a forward. In addition, we can transfer a foreign winger. There are many parameters of the transfer. Sometimes the players you go to in the first place. It can be very difficult. The important thing is our team formation in terms of position. As of today, we need 2 regions. Actually, I think we have had a productive transfer period. We have added players who will contribute to Konyaspor to our team.”Abdülkerim Bardakcı: “I want to stay in the team” Abdülkerim, the captain of the green-white team Bardakcı, on the other hand, said that he is happy to start the season with a win. Expressing that this season is special because the club will celebrate its 100th anniversary, the 26-year-old player said, “We want to finish in the top places this year. We will play against a tough opponent. We became a very good team. We can’t beat this year. There is no team. We will finish the second week with 3 points.” Abdulkerim Bardakcı, pointing out that the work on the extension of his contract is continuing, “Everything is progressing positively at the moment. I want to stay in the team. I hope to serve this jersey for many years. It is a pride and honor to be the captain of this team. I hope I can stay here as a legend.” he said.


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