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Last July, her husband S.A., to whom she has been married for 19 years and lived separately for 1.5 years. Filiz Adalı (36) who filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office alleging that she was subjected to violence against her, said: “Now I want to make my voice heard. I have suffered physical and sexual violence for years. I do not want to be killed. I do not want my name to be mentioned among the murdered women.”

The Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor has given S.A. a 6-month suspension and an electronic handcuff. Filiz Adalı, the mother of 2 children, applied to the court with a petition due to the deterioration of her children’s psychology and the decision to move out of the province. S.A. The decision of suspension and electronic handcuffs was lifted.


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Filiz Adalı, who lives with her children, met her husband S.A., whom she met in front of her house last night. argued with. Allegedly, as a result of insults by both sides against each other, S.A. hit Adalı on the head with a stick. Adalı, who was covered in blood, was taken to Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital. Adalı, who had 10 stitches on his head, was then discharged. S.A. was taken into custody by the teams of Kilimli District Police Department.

Filiz Adalı said that she returned home after shopping in the district center for her child’s birthday and met her husband. Claiming that her husband attacked her because of swearing in the argument that broke out between them, Adalı said that she was hit on the head with a stick and beaten. The investigation initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office continues.


Filiz Adalı, whose life turned into a nightmare, rebelled: Hear me now

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