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A National Football Team hosted the Netherlands in the group match of the World Cup Qualifications. Having fallen back 1-0 in the first minute of the match, Crescent-Stars lost the match 6-1.

Commentator Rıdvan Dilmen, who spoke at TRT Spor, made evaluations after the Netherlands – Turkey match stage.

Commenting on the statements made by the rivals of our National Team, Rıdvan Dilmen said, “They are always deceiving us. They take us by saying ‘Very difficult team’ before the match and ‘We beat the very good team’ after the match. Let’s come back to ourselves as Turkish football. We need to go through the problems,” he said.

Here are Dilmen’s statements:

We have 4 defenders. Card and penalty potentials are high. He was also broken by the goal at the beginning of the match.

He put right-back in the first goal, they put pressure, a great two-to-one goal came. If Çağlar goes half a meter, it will be offside. A great finishing shot Uğurcan has nothing to do.

They caught Uğurcan on the move in the second goal. We conceded the goal that could not take more position. We’re talking about a team with athlete players.

If we accidentally attack too much in the second half, they’ll find too many chances. The team that scores 3-0 can take idling. Our hope is that the Netherlands will idle the match. Our odds of turning this match are on par with a red snowfall. Our midfield is very soft. Both of our midfielders have received yellow cards. We are not good physically. It is not possible for us to fight with this midfielder, even if you bring the best defenders in the world. The goal was the breaking moment of the match. They come from the edge, from the centre, and they don’t play in defense.


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The opponent played the match at idle in the second half. They could have done a different server. Such acceptance, vulnerability… The opponent scored 6 goals and missed 6-7. Here is the problem.

A mentally exhausted team. Football requires physics as much as technique. We have 4 defenders.

After many years, we have come to a situation where we say, ‘We can never score points’. Not because of Dutch power, but because we’ve been bad for a long time. Mentally, our team is finished.

Ozan Tufan says, ‘We couldn’t get through the European Championship’. Then don’t come in October. We find 20 players.

Nihat Özdemir’s advisor says, sir, should we get a Z report against Şenol Güneş while the match is being played. Such a thing cannot happen, it is unacceptable. Such a National Team is not managed.

When I was playing in Fenerbahçe, the sporting director was Selim (Soydan) Abiydi. Now, Selim Abi is in charge of the National Teams again! This generation does not know. He is in the management but not in charge of the National Team.

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