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In the 3rd week of the Super League, FT Antalyaspor defeated Çaykur Rizespor 3-2 in the field. Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Yanal said that they did everything and struggled to win.

Expressing that they are trying to win young players, Yanal said, “We stated that we are planning this to win the future of Antalyaspor. It is clear where football comes from in Turkey. There is no club that does not sink, does not have problems, does not have financial problems. No matter what you call these clubs’ lack of discipline, lack of follow-up, lack of supervision in financial matters, there are many problems. Many clubs were closed and reopened under a new name. Or it was reopened under the names 1920-1930,” he said.

“We set out with young players”

Praising Ali Şafak Öztürk, one of the previous term presidents, Yanal said, “Safak Bey did not leave this club. He left this club with great contributions. At least he left under a great burden. At that time, we were not very insistent on transfers. In order to keep this team and make this team financially disciplined, we thought of turning to young players. During the transfer ban period, our players did their best despite their injuries and even the risk of quitting football. We did not leave this team. Our projects were supposed to take place here. We tried to manage this process correctly. This year, we set out with young players without exceeding the financial limits again. The player who scored 3 goals today is 23 years old. Younger players will come. In this process, we wanted to win the future of Antalyaspor. I’ve been in this business for nearly 30 years. It is in my vision to do this in my career and in this way bring a club to good places both financially and in terms of player equipment. I’ve done this before,” he said.


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“Don’t shame this team”

Talking about his exposure to insults at the end of the match, Yanal said, “This kind of culture, which has an ambiguous, ignorant opinion, only keeps the anger and hatred we have accumulated over the years in sports and curses the result with this grudge, anger, defeat or victory, needs to be removed from this country. An unidentified man is angry at the result. No Such Thing. Don’t blame this team. The future of this team is of very high quality for us.”

“What happens, we are not breaking up for the first time”

Noting that Antalya is a high quality place with its infrastructure facilities, Yanal said, “All teams know Antalya. If there is one among us who does not have a vision for the future, we will sit down and talk about it. What will happen, we are not leaving for the first time, we are not going for the first time. It’s not the first time we quit. The Turkish Football Federation has prevented us from overcoming many obstacles with its decisions. Because it does not implement the decisions of the base. Nobody asks our opinion on the decisions taken in football. In the evening, Fatih teacher is shouting. Today I said something. We’ll see if it does. Turkish football should not be managed in such a brutal way. Today, the issue is not a matter of Ersun Yanal, it is a matter of teams, not players, it is a matter of mentality, understanding, philosophy, vision. Do not come, brother, such people, do not be here. Defeat must have a justice, a soul, must have a price. What is this. There is no price to be beaten brutally.”

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