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President Koç made a statement to the press after the first match of the play-off round, in which Fenerbahçe defeated Finnish representative HJK Helsinki 1-0 in the UEFA Europa League.

Expressing his views on the match played at Ülker Stadium, Ali Koç said, “We had the dominance. We put good pressure. A system was set up. This system is slowly sitting down. The thing that I am most satisfied with is that we get the ball back from the opponent quickly. We press in the third zone. “, we run a lot, we are a more faithful and fighting team. We are just at the beginning of the road. A lot of water will flow under the bridge. This is the system that has not yet settled. We lost our 3 important player, then Serdar Dursun, in a way that is difficult to understand,” Today, too, Novak and İrfan Can. I hope there is nothing serious. There is a bad omen on us. I think we are on the right track. I congratulate our teacher as well. He taught his system in a short time and made him believe. Football players are trying to keep up with the system. I hope at least 3, the account is correct. Even if we can, we will have 4 transfers.“.

Reacting to the criticism of the transfer issue and the new season’s jersey, Chairman Koç said:


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“I am calling out to the real fans who love Fenerbahce sincerely, unconditionally and unconditionally. A campaign of attrition has been started. We know who started it. They get gassed very quickly. Young friends are more prone to wear out. We explained the jersey, ‘There is no jersey, there is no jersey like that, there is no badge.’ I think we came out with the best jersey of the last years this season. I like it very much. They are making a fuss ‘There is no logo.’ “The front of the jersey is completely a logo. We also have a colorful logo on the back. I condemn the fact that the fans get into this mood without saying ‘Bismillah’, and I would like to state that we are offended. We are going through a patient process to do the best. Be patient, let’s get through 2-3 weeks without any accident.” “This team will show that it is a team that gives everything for each other with its faith, spirit, youth and determination. I wish the new season to be prosperous. I wish to have a season that deserves to be won by those who deserve it.”

Finally, Koç emphasized that they did not have a problem with the team spending limits determined by the Turkish Football Federation, “The problem is in the trade-sell balance. We will manage it somehow.” said.


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