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Schalke 04, one of the teams of the German 1st Football League (Bundesliga), dismissed coach David Wagner.


In the statement made on the website of the Schalke club, it was stated that David Wagner and his team were dismissed, and the next teacher will be determined at the end.

Regarding the dismissal of Schalke Head of Communications Jochen Schneider Wagner, We all hoped that we could achieve a comeback in sports with David Wagner. Unfortunately, the first two match days of the new season did not produce the required performance and results. We decided to make a fresh start for the staff. Despite disappointing results, this decision was not easy for us. “ said.

Schalke lost 8-0 to Bayern Munich in the first game of the season and 3-1 to Werder Bremen in the match played yesterday. Schalke 04 ranks last in the league with these results.


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