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President Erdoğan makes important statements regarding the agenda in a joint broadcast of a private television channel.

The highlights of Erdoğan’s statements are as follows;

Flood in the Western Black Sea

While we were dealing with a fire this time, we were faced with a flood disaster on the other side. As of now, we have one loss in this flood disaster, but there are other citizens who are still being sought.

All our minister friends, AFAD, they are all there now. They continue to work with our institutions. We just talked to our friends, we said, ‘You will not leave there’. There are people rescued from rooftops and roofs by our helicopters.

Call to Citizens

Don’t choose highways that can be considered closed to transportation unless you’re in trouble, because landslides can happen at any moment.

Forest fires

It is currently under serious control. We reached a serious power with all our vehicles, helicopters and water trucks. Our helicopters and planes have performed and are performing a great function. In a very short time, it can take water from the seas and go to the extinguishing area. Turkey has reached a good place here, and we will continue to do so. Dozens of helicopters are flying around, likewise planes. You look at the sorties they’ve made, it’s a lot. These are too much to see, but.

The reason for the fires


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Of course, we have considered all possibilities as the reason for the fires from the moment of their outbreak. Their research has been done. There are those who were detained and arrested in ongoing investigations. There is also the information we receive. There is information given by MIT and information given by Security Intelligence. Among them, there are people whose families are affiliated with a terrorist organization.

We will share the results we have reached in all ongoing investigations with our citizens.

Criticisms of insufficient response to the fire

Our country has a corporate experience of nearly 2 centuries in the fight against fires. In addition, it has all kinds of technological infrastructure. In the last 19 years, we have increased the number of our land and air vehicles in the fight against fires. We bought 281 more water supply vehicles that were not in the car park. We bought 2270 first responders for immediate response to fires. We increased our construction equipment park by 125 percent to 682.

We made our firefighting air fleet much more efficient. The water throwing capacity of our firefighting aircraft has been increased. We also went to the rental routes, support from friendly countries
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