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Aytemiz Alanyaspor, who included the Portuguese team Braga’s Colombian left-back Cristian Borja on loan with the option to buy, continues to work on the preparations for the new season at the sports complex located in Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Lavanta Hill. Cristian Borja, who signed a one-year contract with Aytemiz Alanyaspor, is specially prepared by Conditioner Giovanni Melchiorre. Left-back Borja, 28, is working hard both tactically and adapting to the team.

“I think I will be happy here”

Expressing that he likes Alanya very much and thinks he will be happy in Alanyaspor, Cristian Borja said, “Our team is really nice. It has very talented, high quality players. I think I will be happy here. I could only spend a few days in Alanya. But it is a very beautiful city. Your country is very beautiful. There are many innovations that I will get to know and get used to yet, but my first impression is really good.”

“I hope I can carry Alanyaspor to good places”


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Expressing that he wants to move Alanyaspor to good places, Borja said, “Our transfer story started a year ago. But we couldn’t do it last year. During this one-year period, I had the chance to follow the team. I’m happy to finally be here. I followed the team from time to time during this one-year period. They were playing very good football. They were playing very well. It also got good results. The matches I watched during this one-year period also motivated me immensely to come here. And we finally got the happy ending. I hope I will do my best and carry Alanyaspor to good places,” he said.

Mentioning that his primary goal is to adapt to the team and enter a friendly environment, Borja emphasized that as a result, he will get good results and carry the team to the top.

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