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In the second week of the Super League, coach Ersun Yanal answered the questions at the press conference held after the match in FTA Antalyaspor, which showed up against Fenerbahçe away and left the field with a 2-0 defeat.

Ersun Yanal, who started his speech by evaluating the match, said, “A match was played without a great goal expectation. Even though we tried the game we wanted to play from the beginning, we couldn’t catch it. We’ve done this before, but we’re not skilled today. At the breaking point, I did not think that it was a match with a great goal expectation. We could share points. The final position is what everyone will need. League is a long process. There will be a lot of these in our league and I hope everyone needs it. Equal and fair administration is needed. If it is equal and fair for every team, no one will be a victim.”

“We are making the system soup”

Ersun Yanal, who was asked about his opinions about the foreign rule, said, “We couldn’t handle this. This application is widely discussed. We can talk about the future of Turkey and solve it with a smart, planned and projected system. We make decisions that we take very quickly by changing them over the years, and we turn this into soup. It is necessary to analyze how to meet the expectations with serious planning. We make it very simple and say 14 this year, 13 next year, and then 12 next year, and then we say 14 again next year”. There are points where we succeed, there are points where we fail. We play young and experienced players together. We have too many shortcomings. Fenerbahce was in front of us today. Football in the world is played in a very very different place. I think it will be fine. We will continue without giving up. This team will definitely make a quality comeback and I think it has started to do so.”


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“Young players will get more time”

Regarding the Fenerbahce fans showing him affection before the match, “We spent a long time in this club. These are beautiful things. But it is necessary to look at the competition in a different way. The two are very different things. We went to the game here today and we are going,” said Ersun Yanal, and regarding the young players in the team, “Doğukan had a small problem. He did not practice the previous day and had frequent injuries. I’d judge it based on how the game went. He is a player who can show his talents for Turkish football in the coming period. Our other players are also young names. We’ll see more of our plan to engage young players. Together with the Turkish Cup, we will have 40-42 more matches and our young players will take much more time.”

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