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Fenerbahçe, while preparing for the presidential election, is focused on the transfers to be made and especially on which name will come to the head of the team. Announcing that a foreign coach will come to the team after Emre Belözoğlu, chairman Ali Koç is a matter of curiosity which coach will he bring to the team.

Results are expected within 1 week regarding Lucien Favre, who is in the first place among the coach candidates in Fenerbahçe. Considering the career of the Swiss coach and the rise of the teams he coached, Chairman Ali Koç is convinced that he will achieve his goals with him.

According to the news of Uğur Çem from Sabah, President Koç, who thinks that Favre, who has almost excelled in Hertha Berlin and Borussia Mönchengladbach, and that a good deal with the number 10 will be good for Mesut Özil, is also the name of the Swiss coach, who is known for giving chances and polishing young football players. He believes that he can apply the same system in Fenerbahçe.


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Has a brilliant career

The 63-year-old Favre recently coached Borussia Dortmund. The Swiss coach, who won the German Super Cup at the beginning of Dortmund, spent the best period of his career in Zurich. Favre, who won 2 league championships and 2 Swiss Cups in the Swiss team, was named the coach of the year 3 times.

The yellow-dark blue team, who will offer a minimum transfer budget of 15 million Euros to Favre, who wants time to consider the two-year offer, can increase this figure with possible sales from the squad at hand. In the first contacts with the Swiss coach, it was emphasized that at least 5 transfers were promised, two of which were strikers.

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