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Japanese riddle master Maki Kaji, known as the ‘godfather of sudoku’, who devoted his life to puzzles, passed away at the age of 69.

It was announced that Kajinin died due to cancer in the bile duct.

It was announced that Maki, who founded her own company, died at her home in Tokyo.

Maki Kaji, who first prepared puzzles for children, then added adults who did not want to think about it to her target audience.

Maki is known as the person who gifted sudoku to the world. The Turkish equivalent of ‘sudoku’ in Japanese means ‘number and odd’. Sudoku, which we put in rows, columns and blocks without repeating the numbers 1 to 9, was noticed by one person in New Zealand and became a worldwide trend when it was published in The Times newspaper. Capturing the world since 2004, sudoku became popular in Japan only after it spread around the world.

Traveling to more than 30 countries, Maki made it her mission to spread her puzzle taste to the world.


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Organized sudoku champions around the world. Maki’s sudoku never became a trademark in Japan, but caused a craze around the world.

Who is Maki Kaji?

Maki Kaji was born on the island of Hokkaido. After leaving Keio University, he began publishing Japan’s first puzzle magazine. He founded the Nikoli company in 1983 and later discovered sudoku.

Provided puzzles for more than 100 media companies, 10 of which were foreign.

In the obituary for Kaji in the famous Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun, puzzle sections were opened in bookstores thanks to Kaji, and it was reminded that the word sudoku, which is Japan, entered Oxford’s English dictionary.

Kaji, who passed away, was married and had two daughters.

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