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The suspect, who allegedly took 4 people hostage in the hairdresser’s shop he entered with a shotgun due to family problems, surrendered to the police as a result of negotiations that lasted for 5 hours. While no one was killed or injured in the incident, it was learned that the suspect attempted suicide twice.

The incident took place in Kultur Sokak. Allegedly, Mustafa Y., who was stated to be depressed on the grounds that his child was not shown to him, entered the men’s hairdresser and took the owner of the business and 3 people hostage. While the suspect opened fire randomly inside, luckily, no one was injured or killed. While the windows of the workplace, which turned into a war zone, were broken, many police and medical teams were sent to the region after the incident was heard.


He killed his wife and child and committed suicide.


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The police teams who arrived at the scene started negotiations to convince the person and to release the 4 people who were taken hostage inside. Police Chief Mehmet Gülser also came to the scene and coordinated. While all the hostages were released as a result of negotiations that lasted for 5 hours, Mustafa Y. waited at the workplace for a while with his gun. As a result of the persuasion efforts of the police teams, the suspect gave his gun to the police and surrendered. On the other hand, it was learned that the suspect had attempted suicide twice due to family problems he had experienced in the past days.


He stabbed his mother, whom he had been arguing with.

Provincial Police Chief Mehmet Gülser, who made a statement after the end of the hostage crisis, said, “There was an incident due to the psychological problems that the person had. Our friends ensured that he was rescued without harming anyone. That’s it. There were 4 hostages inside. It was down to 1 person last. After he was released, we waited for a while so that the person would not be harmed, and we made him surrender.”

The investigation into the incident continues.

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