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Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Cengiz Aydoğan Facilities, Alanyaspor President Hasan Çavuşoğlu said that as Alanyaspor Club, they had a coaching change.

Thanking Çağdaş Atan, who serves Alanyaspor Club, for his efforts, Çavuşoğlu said, “I wish Contemporary coach success in his future duties. The new coach of our club is very valuable Bülent Korkmaz.” he said.

Explaining that they were considering working with Bülent Korkmaz before, Çavuşoğlu said:

“At that time, my teacher was a coach in another club. Now it was a fate. We wish my teacher success. As the board of directors, we will be his supporters in every way in the next period. With my teacher Bülent Korkmaz, our club will go further than where it left off. We believe. We will succeed together. and good luck to our teacher. May Allah grant us a good season without any accident and trouble.”

“We will change the game system”

Bülent Korkmaz, who signed with Alanyaspor for one year, stated that the Alanya team had very successful seasons in the Super League.

Pointing out that Alanyaspor is one of the rare clubs in Turkish football that is institutional and properly functioning, Korkmaz said, “I am extremely happy and excited to be here. We will try to maintain that ongoing performance here. We will overcome this work together with our team and players. best wishes.” he said.


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Korkmaz emphasized that his primary goal is to increase the performance of the players.

Noting that good performances were received from good players in previous seasons, Korkmaz continued:

“We want Alanyaspor to play a game that gives pleasure, struggles, and never stops fighting. One of the best things Alanyaspor has done so far is to find the right players. Yes, there has been a big change this year. But the players who came in that change have made a big difference. “I know they are quality players. I know they are good players. I need to improve their performance. First of all, we will change the game system.”

Expressing that he respects the game system determined by Çağdaş Atan, Korkmaz said, “He also served. He did a good job. We will switch to a very different system from that system. Although not in a very short period of time, we will reflect this on the field with our analysis, theory and practice. The more we win the match, the more the goal will emerge. But first of all, we will be able to play as a team and play correctly.” evaluated.

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