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A chain of scandals emerged after the oil spill that occurred on 7 August off the coast of Novorossiysk, on the Russian Black Sea coast. The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (KTK) company, which owns the terminal, said in its first statement on August 8 that the amount of crude oil leaked was less than 12 cubic meters (12 tons) and spread over an area of ​​only 200 square meters. He did not take responsibility and stated that the leak originated from the Greek-flagged Minerva Symphony tanker. “The situation returned to normal, there was no threat to the local population, flora and fauna of the Black Sea,” the statement said.

The truth, however, was very unusual. The Russian Academy of Sciences, conducting an investigation in the region, came to the opposite conclusions. Satellite images from the Russian Space Research Institute clearly show that the oil spill affected an area of ​​80 square kilometers and reached the open sea. In other words, the actual size of the environmental disaster is 400 thousand times larger than the Russian company’s statement… It was also determined that about 100 tons of oil leaked into the sea, not 12 tons.

Moreover, contrary to the claim of the KTK company, the leak was not caused by the Greek tanker. Crude oil flowed into the sea from the KTK company facility, as a hydraulic compressor broke down while loading the ship. KTK later corrected its initial statement, admitting that the leak was caused by them. The leaked area was surrounded the day after the accident. Oil shipments from the KTK marine terminal were also stopped.


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When the scandals were reflected in the press, the Russian authorities took action. The Russian Natural Resources and Environment Agency (Rosprirodnadzor) has started a study to evaluate the damage caused by the spill to the environment. First, a criminal case was filed against the company on the grounds that it caused environmental pollution. After much public outcry, the matter was transferred to the Russian Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation took over the file. KTK company accused of causing significant damage to aquatic biological resources and the environment and all those responsible may be sentenced to compensation or imprisonment.

How big is the damage to the environment from the oil spill? The Russian Office of the Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia) announced that traces of oil were found in the coastal area in the Abrau-Durso region as soon as it leaked. About 7 kilometers of the coast has been polluted. In Bolshoi Utrish, near Anapa, dolphinarium workers detected oil stains in the sea. Absorbent tapes were placed to prevent the residues from harming the living creatures in the facility. On the other hand, there is no serious risk for coastal ecosystems and holidaymakers. According to the Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the oil layer formed as a result of the spill is moving away from the shoreline of the sea thanks to the current. The oil slick near Novorossiysk may be destroyed by evaporation. Recovery is expected to take two weeks. Only some of the oil will evaporate, while the other will sink to the bottom.

KTK company, which tried to hide the results of the incident, once again revealed that it is a serious threat to the environment with this behavior.

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