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The President of the TRNC Ersin Tatar, who came to Konya at the invitation of the Governorship of Konya and the Metropolitan Municipality, after the visit to the people of the region immediately after the flood disaster in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu, met with the journalists working in the city.

At the beginning of the meeting held at the Seljuk Congress Center, Tatar summed up the period until the accession of Cyprus to the Ottoman lands and the establishment of the TRNC, and said that the mediation efforts of the Greek Cypriot side, the United Nations and the international community to establish a federation on the Island for 50 years. , stated that it just turned into a waste of time and was inconclusive.

Indicating that they focused only on a bi-state, bi-communal, independent state based on sovereignty in the next phase, President Tatar said, “A new era begins with my being the President. President Erdoğan has frequently mentioned this in his speeches. What did he say? ‘ A new era has started with Mr. Tatar, a history has been made in Cyprus. The efforts to find a federation in Cyprus for 50 years have been in vain.’ “I would like to thank Turkey once again. The Turkish Cypriots have always existed with Turkey’s support. Our ancestors are the same ancestors. What we are saying now is that Cyprus is based on sovereign equality, side by side, rather than a federal partnership.” We are trying to emphasize together that there will be an agreement with the living two-state cooperation.” he said.


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Answering the questions of journalists, President of the TRNC Tatar emphasized that the presence of Turkish soldiers on the island is a guarantee of peace. Tatar, in response to the words of former TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı saying “Ankara’s parrot” about him before the Geneva talks in April, “We owe Turkey loyalty. I have opponents, especially Akıncı, he says something every day. Tatar Who is Tatar? I’m struggling.” used the expressions.

Concluding his speech by saying, “We are making an honorable policy in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Tatar added that they will continue to strengthen their relations with Turkey from now on.

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