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Turkey will host Latvia in the World Cup Qualifying Group match. Having 12 points at the end of 7 matches, Turkey ranks 3rd in the group after the Netherlands with 16 points and Norway with 14 points.

Stefan Kuntz is expected to start this game with 3 substitutions.

The possible 11s of the match are as follows:

Latvia: Ozols, Savalnieks, Cernomordijs, Dubra, Jurkovskis, Zjuzins, Emsis, Ciganiks, Kigurs, Jaunzems, Uldrikis.

Turkey: Uğurcan, Zeki, Çağlar, Merih, Caner, Berkan, Hakan, Orkun, Cengiz, Kerem. Burak.

From where to where…

Turkey, which managed to beat both Norway and the Netherlands right after the first 4 matches played, was the leader of the group and there was no rush to leave the group.

However, the points lost against Montenegro and Latvia hurt both Şenol Güneş and the players.

Senol Güneş was dismissed and replaced by Stefan Kuntz. The highly controversial Kuntz decision at this critical juncture is eagerly awaited whether it will lead Turkey to the World Cup.


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For Turkey to go to the 2022 World Cup, Latvia, Gibraltar and Montenegro must win the remaining matches and Norway must lose points.

Kuntz: We want to get the result that will lead us to second place

A National Football Team Coach Stefan Kuntz said that they wanted to win the Latvia match and fight for the second place in the group. Kuntz, “Çaglar and Ozan’s suspensions are over. I will tell the team the starting 11 tomorrow morning. I cannot make a statement about whether we will go on the field with an even or odd striker”. The German teacher concluded his words as follows:

Changes that need to be made from the root cannot be made in a day. First of all, we want to get good results. So we want to get the result that will take us to the second place. This is our target. It would be unfair to Latvia if I said things like, ‘We are clearly expecting very different wins’. Let’s win first, see this, then comment. We analyzed Latvia, watched their match against Netherlands, I think they performed well in that match as well.
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Stefan Kuntz will make 3 substitutions against Latvia


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