Hours before the inauguration ceremony of the US elected President Joe Biden, Biden made a farewell speech in Delaware state before departing for Washington DC, the capital. Biden was unable to control his tears when Major Joseph R. “Beau”, named after his late son in Delaware, gave a speech thanking his staff at the Biden III National Guard Center.

Stating that he is proud to have the speech at the facility bearing his son’s name, Biden said, “This is a bit emotional. I am proud to do this at the Major Beau Biden facility. My only regret was that he could not be here today.

Biden said, “I would like to thank my Delaware friends for everything during the good and bad days on behalf of all the Biden family here today, we want to express how important you are to each of us.

Biden says, “So it’s highly personal that our next journey to Washington begins here, a place that best describes who we are as Americans. I know these are dark times, but there is always light. This is what makes this situation so special ”.

Biden praised the state for the opportunities it provides to herself and her family and said, “While the state gives my parents a home and livelihood when they need it most, it has shown that we can do whatever we dream about.

Biden said, “I am truly honored to be your next President and Commander in Chief, and I will always be proud to be from Delaware.

Biden and his wife Jill Biden will spend the evening at the historic Blair House opposite the White House in the capital, before the oath to take place tomorrow.

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