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Galatasaray organized a signing ceremony for Mustafa Muhammed, Yedlin, Gedson Fernandes, Halil Dervişoğlu and Onyekuru, which he added to his staff during the half-time. Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz and Galatasaray Vice President Abdürrahim Albayrak took part in the signing ceremony. , Opportunity transfers … The transfers we made within the limits, without double contracting with any of them. Thank you very much. They chose us, although there are highly important offers from Europe. MUSTAFA CENGİZ: POINT SHOT WE HAVE MADE TRANSFERS During this transfer period, we made point-to-point moves within the limits. I would like to thank all of our new transfers for choosing us. The footballer is not a slave, he has character. HENRY ONYEKURU: I AM VERY HAPPY Being here again, returning to my home is an incredible feeling. I went back to my home. Whenever I come here, I feel very happy. I hope we will have the championship again in May “DEANDRE YEDLIN: I KNOWED GALATASARAY in the USA I am very honored to be in a big club like Galatasaray. I felt like I was at home. Even in the USA I knew Galatasaray even when I was a kid. Thank God I will fight in Galatasaray.” I hope we will be the champion. MUSTAFA MUHAMMED: I HAVE AN OFFER FROM FENERBAHÇEBismillahirrahmanirrahim … Galatasaray is my second family. I am happy to have had good feelings since the day I first arrived. I saw what our fans felt when I scored the first goal. Fenerbahce season came to me, but I am happy to be in Galatasaray “GEDSON FERNANDES: I hope I will live in front of Galatasaray fans. I have come as a competitor before. I hope the pandemic will end as soon as possible. I am happy to meet with the fans. WE HAVE NOT BEEN RENEWED TO FENERBAHÇE “Mustafa Cengiz, who spoke in the question and answer part,” How many times have we been defeated in our house? Have you heard such news, perceptions from us? Galatasaray lost to Fenerbahçe in the volleyball match. Did anyone say a word? We heard rumors. We heard that the audience would be introduced under the name of the health worker. Stat was like a parent day. We have not been able to win in Kadıköy for 21 years. We have not been defeated since VAR came, “he said.” WE LOOK LIKE WE WILL NOT BE “Cengiz on the question about Fatih Terim’s contract,” It seems that we will not be in June. It seems difficult if we continue. There is nothing worse than us at the council meeting. This is my chance. We were not able to rejoice in championships or victories. Fatih is our teacher who puts 2 + 3 options. If we are, it will continue with us. Our teacher gave this option to the new administration, “he said.

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