AK Party Deputy Chairman and İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ made a statement about the support given to amateur sports clubs in İzmir during the epidemic process.

09.02.2021, 13:30 Update Date: 09.02.2021, 13:33

Stating that İzmir provides support to amateur sports clubs from all branches in line with their needs, Dağ said, “In order to minimize the level of exposure to the epidemic of our sports clubs that prepare our children and young athletes for the future, a total of 2 million 370 thousand sports clubs in İzmir In İzmir, we make a policy of action, not promise. Contributing to the sports activities of our children, youth and our city is our high quality duty. ” said.
Because of Covidien-19 in Izmir, Turkey’s outbreak is also paused all over the activities of amateur sports clubs. Amateur sports clubs, which had to stop their activities during this period, faced financial difficulties. The financial support provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports came to the rescue of the clubs and the associations that carry out the administrative and financial affairs of these clubs. Making a statement regarding the support provided to sports clubs negatively affected by the epidemic in İzmir, AK Party Deputy Chairman and İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ made the following statements in his statement:

Our Izmir is one of the cities of our country with the most amateur sports clubs. Unfortunately, it has been a pity for all of us that our sports clubs, where our children and young people from all branches are preparing for the future, had to stop their activities. Because we know that; Our clubs raise not only athletes, but also a good, cultured and disciplined person who is included in the society. During the Covid-19 outbreak, our clubs also had to make sacrifices for the health of our children and youth. During this period, the expenses of each club due to their standard needs have continued. For this reason, in order to meet the needs, a total of 2 million 370 thousand TL in cash support has been provided to 274 sports clubs from each branch, which are actively active in Izmir but have to take a break in this process. However; The amount of aid provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to amateur sports clubs in İzmir in the last 18 years is approximately 20 million TL. The total amount of support and investments made in the field of youth and sports to our city has exceeded 4 billion TL. As the AK Party, we do not make promises but actions in İzmir. Of our children, youth and
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