September 30, 2020 12

According to the information obtained from security sources, it is stated that Armenia made an agreement with the terrorist organization PKK prior to the attacks they carried out against the civilian settlements of Azerbaijan. Under the agreement reached at the end of July, around 300 PKK / YPG member terrorists were transported to Armenia and BETPAS409 YAZI DEVAMI…


September 30, 2020 11

According to the information obtained from the Kandilli Observatory website; An earthquake of 3.9 magnitude occurred in Konya Tuzlukçu at 21.28. The depth of the earthquake was measured as 6.9 kilometers. AFAD announced the magnitude of the earthquake as 3.8. Huge dust cloud in Konya! Anımsattıtürki to Ankara betpas siteleri önerdiğimiz canlı bahis sitelerinden birisidir.